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How to manage modules in Summer Cart admin panel

Go to the Settings menu and find Modules section. Links under 'Modules' section provide all the tools you need to handle payment and shipping, to support multiple currency sources and to customize Order Total price sheet.


What to use for?


Setup shipping module(s) and provide delivery of products
Summer Cart offers 6 shipping methods with user-friendly setup


Setup payment module(s) and accept payments at your store
Summer Cart supports 7 payment methods with easy setup


Select checkout module(s) and help customers finalize their purchases
Summer Cart supports 2 checkout methods with easy setup

Order Total

Arrange Order Total modules and define the format of your Order Total price sheet
Summer Cart supports 5 modules to help you customize Order Total price sheet

Currency rate

Select a currency rate module and accept automatic daily updates of currency rates
Summer Cart supports 2 modules for currency rates