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What are menus

A menu is any section of the website that shows a group of links. There are built-in menus for basic navigation and custom menus.

Built-in menus are 'Fast menu', 'Top' and 'Footer'. They are essential for the usability of your website and can be easily customized. Expectedly 'Fast menu' and 'Top' appear on top, and 'Footer' in the bottom of a page.

Custom menus may include any kind of links you consider useful for your website visitors. Usually a custom menu is targeted to a specific topic, has a distinctive heading and provides links to relevant pages within/out the website. Custom menus appear on the left- and right-hand side of the website within a box.

You can create as many custom menus as you wish and add links to urls, pages and forms into each menu.


How to manage menus

>> Open Summer Cart admin panel

>> Go to the Website Content menu, under 'Website Layout' click on Menus link.


'Menus' page lists all built-in and custom menus of your website.

Use 'Menus' page to customize the built-in menus on your website and to create your own ones. Through 'Menus' page you can also customize the items within a menu. You can activate or pause a menu in a click, and add in it as many items as you wish.



Menus, and the items within, should be logically arranged so that your website gets highly usable and helps website visitors quickly find the content and answers they search.


Menu Name

Menu name is used to identify a menu in the Summer Cart admin panel and is visible to administrators only. Besides the menu name, the store administrator defines a Menu Title which is visible to the public and can be displayed in multiple languages. Find more about Menu Name and Menu Title in Customize menu topic.