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Set up languages

Creating or Installing a new language

To display your store in another language you first need to do basic settings of the new language.

Go to the Settings menu, under 'Languages and Currencies' click  Languages link. 'Languages' page appears.

Install Language Pack
Most languages are already translated by the Summer Cart team and you could go to and get your language pack from there.

Then click "Install Language Pack", upload the .zip file and click "Install".

or if the Language is not available at you can create your own translation:

Click on 'New Language' button on top of the page.

'Create language' page opens

Now you can apply the new language on customer data and interface texts with the help of 'Language Selection Bar', or interface translation.

'Based on'

The 'Based on' feature allows you to start your translation with texts in the selected 'Based on' language and not with empty fields. This feature is highly useful in case that you don't plan to translate all of the texts. When you base your translation on another language you are practically copying all texts presented in that language.

If you don't base your translation on another language and don't translate some of the texts, these texts won't show at all.


We support our website in English (as first language) and Bulgarian (as second language). Here's a piece of text from "Return Merchandise" page:

 Please use the this form to request return merchandise authorization.

Let's say we incidentally missed to translate it into Bulgarian, however other content on this page exists in Bulgarian. So, what's happening now?

Nothing shows up where this text is supposed to be - user sees blank space.
If we have used the "Based on" feature, the text in English would have appeared there.

Name - enter the language name

Code - enter the 2-letter language code by ISO 639-1 standards.

Direction - some languages are written and read right-to-left.

Icon - upload (or delete existing) an icon for the language. Usually a country flag is used

Active - activate the language in order for it to be available in the language selection bar

- click "Create" when you are ready and patiently wait for the system to update the files.