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Summer Cart enables you to sell e-goods like software, music and video files, graphics and other intangible goods that are delivered to customers by download.

How to set up e-goods in Admin Panel

Step 1: Configure general settings about e-goods

Go to menu Settings >>> 'Store Configuration' section >>> General, use 'E-goods' section.

E-goods are digital files and they can be downloaded from your store through a Download link. At

'General options' page you can define how many days the Download link will stay active, how many downloads for one e-good you allow and you can enable/disable auto unlock of the e-goods. If auto unlock is enabled when order is with status New download link will be send to the customer, otherwise you need to unlock the e-goods manually from order details page. You can see instructions how to unlock e-goods manually here.

'Settings' menu >>>General

Step 2: Create and set up e-goods

E-goods are created as normal products. You have to create a product, then mark it as an e-good,and lastly upload files.

  1. Go to Store >>> Products >>> New Product
  2. Use 'General' tab to submit basic information about the e-good - product name, SKU number, to which category it belongs, short and detailed description, etc.

    Other tabs - 'Pictures', 'SEO', 'Additional Categories', 'Options', 'Prices', 'Attributes', 'Variants' and 'Related Products' can be used on as needed basis.
  3. Use 'E-goods' tab to upload files.

'E-goods' tab

First, you need to confirm that this product is an e-good. Then, you choose from 2 options: Add Product E-good and A dd Shared E-good. Product e-good is a file (image, movie, document, mp3 or other) that is to be used only by this product. Shared e-good is a file that can be used by more than one product.

'Create Product' page >>> 'E-goods' Tab

To start uploading files click on 'Add Product E-good' button or on 'Add Shared E-good' button. A special dialog box appears.

E-goods Dialog Box

What to do in the dialog box?

  1. Select files from your computer
  2. Successfully uploaded files appear here
  3. Select a file from your list
  4. Click here to add the file in your Summer Cart store. Optionally, you can organize uploaded files in folders
    Check if the file(s) was successfully uploaded.