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Website Content

How to use 'Website Content' menu

'Website Content' menu is a powerful Content Management System that enables you to customize the entire content of your website. Personalize the look and feel of your store with no knowledge of HTML and CSS. This tool is built around 2 sections of a few components that break down the complex HTML and CSS web design into easy step-by-step procedures.

Website Content section

Rich Text Pages

Use the link to manage static pages like About us, Privacy Statement, Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions, FAQ and any custom pages you create, e.g. Shipping Information page.

Dynamic Pages

Use the link to manage database-driven pages like Home, Categories, Product Details, View Cart, Registration, Search and more.  

   News Use the link to post news updates on your website.


Use the link to manage the Contact form of your website and create custom forms like 'Request A Quote' form, Affiliate form, etc.

Create and send newsletters to your customers.
    Image Galleries
Create and manage collections of images to be shown in image galleries in specific sections of the web site.
You can create and manage web site banners here.

Website layout Section


Use the link to manage standard navigational menus and create your own menus. 


Use the link to manage boxes that outline custom-created menus.


Use the link to manage the skin of the entire website, including layout, templates, images, graphics, color, menu types and more.


Use the link to set custom layouts in your website. Custom layouts are easily created with the Drag-and-drop feature.

  Design editor
Design Editor is a powerful tool that will enable you to completely change the way your store looks by drag-n-drop, color picker, text and content editor and other instruments.