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Currencies overview

Introduction to currencies in Summer Cart

Summer Cart shopping cart has an extensive support for multiple currencies with automatic daily rate updates. In Summer Cart store front you can show your products in many currencies. The multi-currency option is a distinctive advantage for your store as it facilitates international customers in product search and purchase. In the Store front customers have the option to select a currency from the 'Currencies' box.


In the Summer Cart store you can easily perform basic currency settings and use multiple currencies in the store front. Summer Cart automatically supports the following 42 currencies:




USD U.S. Dollar
EUR Euro
AED United Arab Emirates Dirham
AUD Australian Dollar
BRL Brazilian Real
GBP British Pound
BGN Bulgarian Lev
CAD Canadian Dollar
CNY Chinese Yuan
HRK Croatian Kuna
CZK Czech Koruna
DKK Danish Krone
EGP Egyptian pound
HKD Hong Kong Dollar
HUF Hungarian Forint
INR Indian rupee
ISK Icelandic króna
IDR Indonesian Rupiah
LVL Latvian Lats
LTL Lithuanian Litas
MDL Moldovan leu
MYR Malaysian Ringgit
MXN Mexican Peso
NZD New Zealand Dollar
NOK Norwegian Krone
PHP Philippine Peso
PLN Polish złoty
RON Romanian Leu
RUB Russian Ruble
SGD Singapore Dollar
RSD Serbian Dinar
ZAR South African Rand
KRW South Korean Won
LKR Sri Lankan Rupee
SEK Swedish Krona
CHF Swiss Franc
TWD Taiwan Dollar
THB Thai Baht
TRY Turkish New Lira
UAH Ukrainian Hryvnia
VEF Venezuelan Bolívar
JPY Japanese Yen


You can also add additional currencies. You can select any currency as a default currency for the entire store.


How to manage currencies

>> Open Summer Cart admin panel

>> Go to the Settings menu, under 'Languages and Currencies' click on Currencies link.


'Currencies' page lists all currencies. It also helps you set up default currency for your store, create new currency, edit and delete available ones, manually update exchange rates, activate or pause currencies and arrange sort order.

Summer Cart provides automatic rate updates on a daily basis. Data is taken from six recognized sources - the European Central Bank, Bank of Canada, Reserve Bank of Australia, Bulgarian National Bank, Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey and National Bank of Romania. You can choose between the six sources through Currency Rate modules.

Also see Currency Rate Modules topic.

'Currencies' page


Default currency for the entire store

When you set up currencies you first need to opt for a default currency of your choice.

In the Admin panel, whenever a store administrator views products and orders, and anywhere else in the admin  panel, all prices will be listed in the default currency only.

In the Store front, whenever a customer visits your store all prices will be shown in the default currency unless he/she selects another active currency.