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What are discounts?

Discounts give to customers reduction on product prices. Discounts are visible to customers in the Storefront, in product listings alongside the normal product prices. Discounts can be percentage (say 20% off the initial price) or an absolute amount (say $20 off the initial price).


When you create a discount you can apply restrictions to it. You can limit your discount offer to a minimum order amount, selected product categories, selected products and selected customers.


What is Discounts management

>> Open Summer Cart admin panel

>> Go to the Store menu, under 'Promotion' click on Discounts link.

Discounts page is a marketing tool and shows all discounts you offer to your store customers.

Use 'Discounts' page to view all discounts you have offered in the past and present; sort by start and end date; create a new discount, edit and delete it; activate or pause discounts in a click and search with intuitive filter options.


Quick Reference Discount Information

You can examine the most important parameters of a discount offering in seconds. You can quickly check:

Discount name

Use a clear and descriptive name

Discount type

Percentage or Amount - shows how a discount is calculated on product price. Product price can be reduced either by a percentage or by an absolute amount.

Discount value

Shows the rate/amount of price cut

Valid from

Shows the start date of a discount offering

Valid to

Shows the end date of a discount offering

Discount is active

Activate or pause a discount in a click


To see full details click on  a discount name or use  at the end of each row. When you click on a discount name 'Edit discount' page appears with information about basic and advanced calculation parameters. Advanced parameters enable you to limit the discount offer by order total, product categories, products and customers.


Intuitive Filter Options

To find a discount quickly you can search within discounts. Filter discounts by:

Discount name

Type full or partial name of a discount

Discount type

There are two types of discount – percentage and amount

Discount value

How much is the price cut



To find out a discount you can use a part of its name instead of the whole name. Fill in a phrase in Name field and click on Filter discounts button.

Example: To find a discount named 'Baby highchairs' you can use only the phrase high, to find 'Baby gear' discount you can use only the phrase gear and so on.


Sort in 6 ways

You have 6 ways to arrange discounts using their name, type, value, valid from/to and active status.

Only click on  after a chosen sorting criteria.

 (triangle up) – discounts are sorted in a descending order

 (triangle down) – discounts are sorted in an ascending order