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Step 4 - Manage sales

  1. How to manage orders
    If you successfully completed Step 1 of Quick Start Guide you will receive email notifications whenever your store receives new orders. Orders should be regularly checked and processed in due time.

    Go to the Store menu, under 'Sales' click on Orders link.

    When you manage orders you need to:
    • carefully examine order details
    • update order statuses to mark up the progress on orders (you can use the 10 predefined statuses in Summer Cart or create your own order statuses)
    • check customer notes
    • write and send notes to customers if necessary
    • edit order if necessary
    • add your own notes that are not visible to customers
    • get in hand the ordered products
    • print invoices and packing slips

  2. How to manage customers

    Whenever you receive an order from a new customer, the Summer Cart system creates a new customer account. In addition to this you can manually add new customers. You can easily view customers' order history in your store, edit registration details and delete customer accounts if necessary.

    Go to the Store menu, under 'Sales' click on Customers link.

    When you manage customers you need to:

    • check up the contact details of a customer
    • check up the billing and shipping address