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Step 3 - Add products

  1. reate categories and subcategories.
    Go to the Store menu, under 'Products' click on Categories link.

    You can create categories of products and add subcategories. You can also write a description, SEO keywords and upload a picture to each category and subcategory, and apply standard or custom layouts. Read more in Categories topic.

  2. Add manufacturers
    Go to the Store menu, under 'Products' click on Manufacturers link.

    You can create a list of the manufacturers you are going to work with. You can also put links to manufacturers' websites. Read more in Manufacturers topic.

  3. Add products

    Go to the Store menu, under 'Products' click on Products link.

    You can add unlimited number of products, write description in multiple languages, upload as many product images as you want, assign a product to multiple categories, assign options to a product, apply wholesale prices and more. Read more in Add new products topic.

    Besides, you can set up product attributesvariants and related products. Summer Cart enables you to sell e-goods too.
    If a product is sold in different colors and sizes (or when technical equipment is sold with additional warranty period) you can easily create product options for it. See Product options topic.