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Summer Cart SOAP API

The Summer Cart SOAP API allows you to retrieve, update and synchronize the data in a Summer Cart store. The API works as a standard web service, so you can use it with any development platform that supports web services. There are many scenarios when this can be useful:

  • Synchronize data with a business management system (ERP). If you have any type of business management system, you can easily synchronize your customers, products, orders and other information with a Summer Cart web store.
  • Access Summer Cart data for reporting purposes. In the addition to the many built-in Summer Cart reports available from the admin area, you can use the SOAP API to access customers, products, orders, and other business information to produce any reports you may need.
  • Create data dynamically. For example, if you use Summer Cart only to process payments, dynamic products can be created in your system on-the-fly, and added to the user’s shopping cart for checkout.

The usage of the Summer Cart SOAP API is completely free of charge.


Summer Cart Synchronization for .NET

For developers working with the .NET platform or any other platform in a Windows environment, we have created our Summer Cart Synchronization library for .NET that is based on the Summer Cart SOAP API. You can integrate the library with your existing software, or run it as a stand-alone application. It greatly simplifies the process of synchronization between Summer Cart and any ERP system. You do not need to understand how Summer Cart or data synchronization works – you only need to implement a few hundred lines of code (1-2 days of work) that load the data from your own system. Then the library does what is necessary to get your Summer Cart store in sync with your data.

The library comes with a sample program that demonstrates how a Microsoft SQL database is synchronized with a Summer Cart web store. You can easily adapt the sample program so it synchronizes the data from your own system, no matter what database it uses, if it uses a database at all. We have invested months in making the .NET library as simple to use at possible, and the result is that you can integrate your system with Summer Cart in a matter of hours.

The Summer Cart Synchronization library for .NET costs 1200 EUR without VAT. Please contact us for full details. Qualifying partners receive the library for free (see the section below).


FREE Summer Cart Synchronization for .NET

Our Summer Cart Partner program enables companies developing retail software to become partners with Mirchev Ideas and receive many benefits:

  • Partners get Summer Cart .NET library for free (1200 EUR value)
  • Partners get unlimited free support
  • Partners have access to new features before they are officially released
  • Partners can influence new features in Summer Cart
  • Partners are listed on and promoted to thousands of potential customers

Partners must agree that their names may be used in materials promoting Summer Cart and/or our Partner program, and mention Summer Cart on their website.

Contact us for more information about our partner program.