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Google Analytics Ecommerce Tracking Plugin

Google Analytics Ecommerce Tracking Plugin enables you to track the amount of sales you generate and get different kinds of reports regarding the click-through rates, amount of visits/customers needed for a sale and other useful info.

In order for Google to track your sales, you have to enable ecommerce tracking. Here is how you do that:

  • get the Google Analytics plugin - read the article on using it;

  • get the Google Analytics Ecommerce Tracking plugin - contact our sales team.
  • go to Google Analytics -;

  • click “All Accounts” in the upper left-hand corner;

  • from the list choose the account name and the profile name that you want to modify;

  • click “Profile Settings”;

  • at the “E-commerce Settings” tab, choose “Yes, an E-Commerce Site/App”;

  • click “Apply

Now Summer Cart and Google Analytics will track your sales and conversions.

If you would like to check out the reports:

- go to your Google Analytics profile;

- click the Reporting tab;

 - click Conversions -> Ecommerce -> Overview.