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Adding images to a gallery

After having created a gallery, you need to add images to it.

1. Open the store's administrative panel

2. Go to "Website content" - "Website content" and click on "Image Galleries"

3. Choose the gallery that you would like to add images to and click Edit

4. The Edit Gallery page opens. There are two ways to add images to the gallery:

a) Import images from folder

- connect to the server via FTP and upload images to the automatically created folder "userfiles/galleries/pictures of our products" (the system automatically creates a folder with the name of the gallery upon gallery creation)
- on the "edit gallery" page click "import images from folder"

"Import images from folder" page opens
- all the images that were located in the folder are visualized here and you can choose which ones should be imported in the gallery by checking their boxes
- click "Import selected images" when you are ready

When the system has imported all the images into the gallery, you will see the following

b) manually
- click the "New gallery item" button

- the "Create Gallery Item" page opens

After you have clicked "Create", you should see the following