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Labels for availability

Summer Cart offers an indispensable feature called "Labels for availability" that can be useful in many different ways. Besides the famous message "In Stock" "Out of stock", etc., you get the ability to create whatever you want titles that stand in the description of the products and the list of products, and the detailed page of each of them.

To create a new label, click on "Labels for availability". They are located in the sub-category "Products" in the "Store" menu in the administrative part.

In the setup section you must click on the "New availability label" to fill several key fields. The "System name" is for your convenience and is not seen by customers, its purpose is for you to know what label you set for a product.

In "Quick Tag" and "Label in detail page"
fields fill the messages you want to be seen by users when viewing a list of relevant products and the detailed page of a product.

Besides the well-known inscription "In Stock", "Out of stock", "On demand" and so on, you can use one of the strengths of the Labels for availability - function to insert a specific number for the
desired available products. As written in the boxes themselves short label and tag in detail page, you only need to put %%PRODUCTQUANTITY%% and have in mind that his place will appear the number that you specify as available for the selected product.

Another extremely valuable feature "Labels for availability" presents is that you can make the text in any colors and sizes you want. Part of the label can be larger, bold, highlighted in bright red, the rest - in normal black font. It helps a lot when using traditional commercial messages - "HIT!", "Just now", "Recent items", etc.

Be sure to note whether you write in English or Bulgarian text box, because this will determine what will be seen in different versions of your e-store.

After saving the newly created label, you can go to the edit page of any product and open the "Tags" link between the "Additional Categories" and "Options." There you will see two drop down menus, and what will most often make is above - "In Stock". From there, choose the label you want to appear when considering this product. If your product is not available (do not forget to look at the settings in the "General" tab - if you've indicated as available and how many, whether you want to display all stock, etc.) will appear on the label, which you specify in the drop-down menu "Out of stock". This text can also be very diverse - from "On demand" and "Out" to "Pre-order! Loading on 12/12/12 ".

When selected tags are reserved for a specific product, you can look at the product in the customer area - you can see details that you do not like - the font is too small, the color is not appropriate or text seems too long - it is important to note time and edit the label of the moment.

To take advantage of the labels, you must have an e-store Summer Cart with version 5, in the absence of this function you need to contact Technical Support Summer Cart, where patch will be placed, including a useful novelty. You can submit your call 02/439 01 16 or email