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Check NEW

>> Open Summer Cart admin panel 

>> Go to Settings >> Modules >> Payment

>> Select 'Check'

The module for check payments can be activated or paused in a click at any time. It does not have any options for further customization and setup. 

Enter additional information for your customers in "Customer Help" field. This information will be shown when customer choose Billing / Shipping Methods in the Checkout and in the One Page Checkout.


In the Store Front, the check payment method requires from customers information about:

Account type

A customer is required to choose between checking and savings account.

ABA rooting number

Summer Cart system performs automatic checksum validation of the rooting number on the check.

Account number

A customer is required to provide the account number of the check.

Bank name

A customer is required to provide the name of the bank that issued the check.

Name on account

It is required for authentication of the payment.