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Unlock e-goods for download

After you receive a new order for e-good(s), you have to process it in a particular way so that you unlock the file(s) for download.

  1. In the Admin Panel go to Store >>> Sales >>> Orders
  2. Find the new order and click on Details link.
  3. Scroll down on 'Order Details' page, and find "Send E-goods" button and "View E-goods" button
  4. Click on "View E-goods" button.
  5. Click on Unlock link.

  6. Go back to 'Order Details' page.
  7. Click on "Send E-goods" button.

Now the file is available for download, and a notification email has been sent to the customer.

How customers download e-goods

In the Store Front customers can download the e-goods they bought only after Store Administrator unlocks them. As a customer one will need to:

  1. Log into his/her Profile.
  2. Go to 'Orders' tab.
  3. Open an order's Details link.

  4. Click on "View E-goods" button.
  5. Download the file(s).