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What are forms

Forms are used to accept any kind of inquiries on your website. Forms are very useful with their clear structure and let you gather specific information. The most popular form in use is 'Contact us' form. You can fully customize the 'Contact us' form in your Summer Cart store. And also you can easily create a variety of custom forms and add inside check boxes, drop-down menus, radio buttons and other advanced features. 

How to manage Forms

>> Open Summer Cart admin panel

>> Go to the Website Content menu, under 'Website Content' click on Forms link.


'Forms' page lists all system-defined and custom-created forms in Summer Cart.

'Forms'  page helps you customize the Contact form and create as many custom forms as you wish. At Forms page you are able to view, edit, delete and filter all available forms.



You can create a form that serves to the specific purposes of your business. For example, you can create 'Request A Quote' form, 'Return Merchandise' form, 'Send Warranty Questions' form, or any other inquiry specialized to your business.


Form's Name

Name is used to identify a form in the Summer Cart admin panel and is visible to administrators only. Besides the name of a form, the store administrator defines a Title for the form which is visible to the public and can be displayed in multiple languages.

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