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Dynamic Pages

What are Dynamic pages

Dynamic page is a page with changing content on it. Dynamic page content is generated using a database. Information on dynamic pages changes depending on website users, as in 'View Cart' and 'Customer Profile', or changes depending  on the database contents as in 'Product Details'.

In Summer Cart store dynamic pages are: Home, Categories, Product Details, View Cart, Manufacturers, Search, Forms, Login, Forgotten Password, Registration, Customer Profile, Orders, Order Details, Checkout Success, Checkout Pending, Checkout Failure, Gallery, Product Comparison, Newsletter, Wishlist, Points and News.


>> Open Summer Cart admin panel

>> Go to the Website Content menu, under 'Website Content' click on Dynamic pages link.


'Dynamic Pages' list all database-driven pages within your Summer Cart store and help you customize some parts of the content. Read detailed instructions in 'Customize Dynamic Pages' topic.

List of All Dynamic Pages