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Languages overview

Introduction to languages in Summer Cart

Summer Cart shopping cart prides itself on the extensive multi-language features it offers to both store customers and store administrators. To help you easily manage languages throughout the entire store Summer Cart separates translations of customer data from interface translations.


You can translate both all customer data and all interface texts in all defined languages.


>> Open Summer Cart admin panel

>> Go to the Settings menu, under 'Languages and Currencies' click on Languages link.


Translations of customer data – overview

Summer Cart has an intuitive approach to translations of customer data and allows you to add multilingual descriptions on the spot with the help of 'Language selection bar'. 'Language selection bar' appears on the top of every screen where you create/edit a product, a category, a product option, a manufacturer, a country, a state, a tax, a rich text page and many others. See the screenshot below.

Also see detailed instructions about language selection bar.

Language Selection Bar

'Language Selection bar' enables you to translate texts, descriptions and messages for customer-related pages on the spot. Read more

Language Selection Bar in 'Create Product' page


'Language selection bar' helps you in:

'Products' to add products in multiple languages
Product Options page to create product options in multiple languages
'Categories' to create product categories in multiple languages
Manufacturers page  to add manufacturers in multiple languages
Countries page  to add countries in multiple languages
States page  to add states in multiple languages
Taxes page  to display applicable taxes in multiple languages
Rich Text Pages  to display Rich Text Pages in multiple languages
Forms page  to display contact forms and any custom forms in multiple languages
Menus page  to display your website navigation in multiple languages
News page  to post news articles in multiple languages

and other sections of the admin panel where multi-language texts can be entered.


Interface translations – overview

"Interface translation" refers to all interface texts that appear in the Store Front and Admin Panel of Summer Cart.

The interface texts include:


text labels
auto-check warnings - some are visible to customers, others to administrators
button texts
box headings
table names
table fields
tab titles
image titles

and others. All texts can be translated.


Changing current interface language


In Admin Panel you can change language with the help of 'Language' drop-down menu in the Login/Logout bar on the top right of every page.



The customers can change the current interface language using the 'Select language' drop-down menu in the Store front.