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Google checkout

How to set up Google Checkout

>> Open Summer Cart admin panel

>> Go to the Settings menu, under 'Modules' click on Checkout link

>> Select 'Google checkout'


Summer Cart supports Google Checkout as a separate checkout solution for your store in addition to all available payment methods. The special built-in module for Google Checkout gives Summer Cart store owners the opportunity to satisfy customers' preferences better. To start using Google Checkout solution you need to sign up for a Google merchant account.

Once you have a Google merchant account you can easily activate Google Checkout at your store with the help of the embedded module.



The module for Google Checkout has 6 setup options that need to be completed before its activation:


Merchant ID

Summer Cart store owner is required to enter his or her merchant ID with Google.

Merchant key

Summer Cart store owner is required to enter his or her merchant key provided by Google Checkout.

Backup shipping amount

The Google merchant can opt to apply backup shipping amount as a precaution against occasions when ordinary shipping calculation fails. End customers will pay the backup shipping amount only if accurate shipping amount cannot be determined because of technical call-back failure. If the merchant haven't submitted backup shipping amount and the call-back fails in the end, customers will be notified that the store cannot ship to that address.

Ship to US post-office boxes

Generally, Google merchants are allowed to ship to US post-office boxes right from the start. In case that a merchant does not want to ship to PO boxes in the USA he or she can disallow this option.

Seller account currency

The Google merchant has to select either US Dollar (USD) or Pound Sterling (GBP) as a seller account currency.

Test Mode

Test mode is only used in the initial setup phase to make test purchases with the Google checkout service.

Remember that for secure real-time transactions at a live store the test mode MUST BE TURNED OFF.