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>> Open Summer Cart admin panel

>> Go to the Settings menu, under 'Modules' click on Payment link

>> Select 'HSBC'

Summer Cart shopping cart has an embedded module for credit card payments through Hosted Payment Page of HSBC bank. Customers, who want to pay through HSBC payment method, in the end of checkout process will be redirected to the secure page of HSBC.


The module has 6 setup options that need to be completed before its activation:


Storefront ID

Summer Cart store owner is required to enter his/her Storefront ID number provided by HSBC. The storefront ID is a 13-character string in the form of UK12345678CUR.

Transaction Type

Transaction type can be AUTHORIZATION or CAPTURE.

Transaction type 'Authorization' allows merchants to authorize the amount at the time of the checkout and take the money (capture) from customer's credit card at a later time. If a customer decides to cancel that payment before capture it will not be necessary to  make a refund and therefore, HSBC will NOT charge any fees. 
If the merchant does not initiate capture in relatively short time, authorization automatically expires in 3 days usually. In this case it is possible to make a re-authorization and successfully capture the amount.

Transaction type 'Capture' allows merchants to take the amount from customer's credit card right at the time of checkout. However, there is a risk that if a customer decides to cancel that payment HSBC will make a refund and charge the merchant with additional fees .

Account Currency

Summer Cart store owner is required to define the currency of his HSBC account.


Test mode is only used to make test purchases, without processing real credit card data.

Production mode is for real-time credit card processing.

Remember that for secure real-time transactions at a live store the test mode MUST BE TURNED OFF.

Order Description

Summer Cart store owner is required to submit a short order description by which end customers will recognize the purchase from his/her store.
It's advisable that you include the name of your store in Order Description.
Example: Your order at .

Shared Secret

This is a 32-character string with letters and figures. You will receive your Shared Secret from HSBC.