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PayPal Payments (Website Payments Standard)

>> Open Summer Cart admin panel

>> Go to the Settings menu, under 'Modules' click on Payment link

>> Select 'PayPal'


Summer Cart supports the Website Payments Standard merchant service of PayPal. To start using PayPal Website Payments Standard you need to sign up for a Premier or Business account with PayPal.

Once you have a PayPal merchant account you can easily accept PayPal payments at your Summer Cart store with the help of the special embedded module.



Before you activate this built-in module in Summer Cart, you need to do important settings in your PayPal account.

  1. Payment Data Transfer (PDT) has to be ON. Detailed help is available at:

    Payment Data Transfer (PDT) provides merchants with the ability to display transaction details to buyers who are redirected back to the store upon payment completion.
  2. Automatic shipping, handling and sales tax calculations must be turned OFF. If a customer pays amount different from the Order Total amount in Summer Cart store, that payment will be rejected.

The PayPal module has full support for multi-currency transactions. The payments will be performed in the currency of the customer, if PayPal supports that currency. Otherwise the default currency will be used.

 Enter additional information for your customers in "Customer Help" field. This information will be shown when customer choose Billing / Shipping Methods in the Checkout and in the One Page Checkout.

The PayPal payment module has 5 setup options that need to be completed before its activation:



Summer Cart store owner is required to enter his or her PayPal account.

Order description

Summer Cart store owner is required to submit a short order description by which end customers will recognize the purchase from his/her store.
It's advisable that you include the name of your store in Order Description.
Example 1: Store name is 'Exotic Spanish Flowers', its order description could be 'Order with Exotic Spanish Flowers'.

Example 2: Store name is 'Emily's Fine Shoes', its order description could be 'Order with Emily's Fine Shoes'.

Default currency

The PayPal merchant is required to choose default currency. The Summer Cart system applies default currency in occasions that PayPal does not support the currency of end customer(s). The default currency for PayPal payments can be any of the active currencies in your Summer Cart solution.


Sandbox mode is only used in the initial setup phase to make online purchases without processing real card data. Remember that for secure real-time transactions your store must be switched to "Live" mode.

Payment Action

You can choose between Sale, Authorization and Order.

Sale - A sale payment action represents a single payment that completes a purchase for a specified amount. This is the most straightforward payment action. Choose this payment action if the transaction, including shipping of goods, can be completed immediately.
Authorization - An authorization payment action represents an agreement to pay and places the buyer’s funds on hold for up to three days. Choose this payment action if you need to ship the goods before capturing the payment or if there is some reason not to accept the payment immediately.
Order - An order payment action represents an agreement to pay one or more authorized amounts up to the specified total over a maximum of 29 days. An order enables you to create multiple authorizations over the 29 days; each authorization you create places the buyer’s funds on hold for up to three days.