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What is Customers management

>> Open Summer Cart admin panel

>> Go to the Store menu, under 'Sales' click on Customers link.


'Customers' page shows all customers who ordered products from your store.

At 'Customers' page you can find all the information a customer submitted during the registration in your store and his/her detailed order history. When a person places an order for the first time a new customer account is created in the store database.

Use 'Customers' page to manually add new customers, search through existing customer accounts with intuitive filter options, examine a customer's order history, edit and delete customer accounts if necessary.

'Customers' page


Quick Reference Customer Information

'Customers' page provides you some details for quick reference: a customer's name, email address and country. To see full registration details click on  customer's name or use  at the end of each row.


Sort in 3 ways

You have 3 ways to arrange customer accounts in an ascending or descending order: by name, by email address and by country. To sort customers only click on  after a chosen sort criteria.

 (triangle up) – customers are sorted in a descending order

 (triangle down) – customers are sorted in an ascending order  


Intuitive Filter Options

Use 'Filter customers' form to find out one or more particular customer accounts. Use the following filtering criteria to narrow your search:


Customer name

Fill in a full or partial customer name to find that person's account

Customer email

Fill in a full or partial email address to locate customer accounts


Select a country from drop-down menu to list clients from one country



To find a client in a second only type first letters of his/her name, or part of the email address and click on Filter customers button.



You can easily find out all clients from one country. In 'Filter Customers' form select a country from countries list but leave other fields empty (leave 'Customer name' and 'Customer email' empty). Click on Filter customers button to trigger results.


View Order History

Use Order History link to see all orders placed by a customer. Order History leads to 'Orders' page where you will see relevant search results for orders by the selected customer.  

Sample Order History Results