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Product options

What are product options

Some products (like footwear, apparel, books, equipment, and more) may vary in size, color, cover, warranty  period and other features. In Summer Cart such features are called 'product options'.

Sometimes the price of a product may also vary depending on these specific features. This is called 'price modification' and Summer Cart enables you to easily set a different price per product option.

Global product options - once created, they are available for all products in your Admin Panel, but get visible in Store Front only if you assign them to the relevant products. Global options are very useful when multiple products have one and the same characteristics. You can create, edit and delete global product options through menu Store >>> 'Products' section >>> Product Options

Local product options - you create them for one product only. Once created, they immediately get visible in Store Front. You can create, edit and delete local product options through menu Store >>> 'Products' section >>> Products, under 'Options' Tab of a selected product.

How to use Global Product Options

>> Open Summer Cart admin panel

>> Go to menu Store >>> 'Products' section >>> Product options


'Product Options' page lists all global options (such as Color, Size, Cover, Textile) you offer for the products in your store. At 'Product Options' page you can create, edit and delete entire option groups or manage only separate options. Also, you can easily find out options you are looking for with Sort and Filter functions.


Configure product options in 2 steps

Step 1

Step 2

Create an option group.

Add options into the relevant option group.

Example 1:

Shirt Colors




Example 2:

Book cover type

Soft cover

Hard cover


Once configured, global option groups are available to all products in your inventory, but only those that are assigned to a product can be seen in the storefront. To assign options to a product go to 'Edit product' page and open the 'Options Tab'.


See How to assign options to a product


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