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Help Categories


What is Categories management


>> Open Summer Cart admin panel

>> Go to the Store menu, under 'Products' click on Categories link.


Categories page shows all product categories within your store.

Use Categories page to create, edit and delete product categories. At 'Categories' you can also arrange sort order of product categories. Each category displays in brackets the number of subcategories and the number of products it has.

'Categories' page


Logically arrange your products into categories depending on their purpose, brand or use case.


A category is identified by a name and location within the categories list, and has a number of editable parameters like name, description, keywords and more.

Arrange Sort Order

Product categories are displayed in the order you like. You can arrange and rearrange categories in a certain order using  / .

Number of Included Subcategories and Products

A category typically contains a number of subcategories (which, in turn, may contain subcategories of their own) and products. The figure in brackets after category name shows how many subcategories exist under a category. To see all included subcategories click on the . To see full details of a specific category click on its name.