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Product variants

What are product variants

Some products (like clothes and shoes) usually come in different sizes and colors. Let's say you have an Adidas T-shirt in blue, red and yellow colours, and moreover, in S, M and L sizes. This means you have 9 product variants of that Adidas T-shirt:

1. Blue-S

4. Red-S

7. Yellow-S

2. Blue-M

5. Red-M

8. Yellow-M

3. Blue-L

6. Red-L

9. Yellow-L


Sometimes the price of a product may vary depending on the product variant. Summer Cart enables you to set up different prices for product variants.

Product variants are an advanced form of product options, because they give more capabilities to the store owner to handle rich product assortment.

Here are some important differences between product options and variants:




Product variants can have their own SKUs

Product options have NO SKUs

Product variants can have their own pictures

Product options have NO pictures

Product variants can have their own price

Product options have price modification

Product variants can have their own weight

Product options have NO weight

Product variants can have their own quantity in stock

Product options have NO quantity in stock

A product variant can combine several characteristics

Example: Blue-S, Blue-M, Blue-L, etc.

A product option describes only one characteristic

Example: Option Blue, option S, option M, etc.

How to use product variants


There are 2 ways to create product variants, because there are GLOBAL and LOCAL product variants.

GLOBAL product variants - once created, they will be available for all products in your store. They will be visible in Store Front only if you activate them for the suitable products. You manage global product variants through Product Options menu.

LOCAL product variants - you can create them for one product only. They immediately get visible in the Store Front, for that single product only. You manage local product variants through Products menu.


Global Product Variants

>> Open Summer Cart admin panel

>> Go to the Store menu, under 'Products' click on Product options link.

>> Click on 'New option group' button

Global Options - type 'VARIANT'


Global Product Variants have to be properly assigned to every relevant product.

  1. Go to the Store menu >>> Products. Find a product, open 'Edit Product' page and go to 'Options' tab so that you can activate the applicable option group.
  2. Save your settings at the 'Options' tab.
  3. Go to 'Variants' tab if you want to upload pictures, edit prices, SKUs, quantity in stock and weight for each product variant.


Local Product Variants

>> Open Summer Cart admin panel

>> Go to the Store menu, under 'Products' click on Products link.

>> Choose a product, and go to 'Edit product' page

STEP 1: Open 'Options' Tab
Local Options - type 'VARIANT'

STEP 2: Open 'Variants' Tab
Manage Local Product Variants