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System Requirements

Summer Cart shopping cart runs on:






  • PHP 5.3 or later

    You need to enable the following built-in standard PHP extensions:
    MySQL, SimpleXML, Session, pcre, ctype, soap, OpenSSL, cURL, GD extension with GIF, JPEG and PNG support
    Make sure the configuration file php.ini meets the following requirements:
      safe_mode must be disabled
      file_uploads must be enabled
      Suhosin must be disabled

    You need to have the free IonCube loaders installed, or a working dl() function to use dynamic IonCube loading

    More help on PHP configuration settings is available at .

  • Web server

    Summer Cart works on Apache 1.2 web server or newer. ModSecurity must be disabled.
  • MySQL databases

    Summer Cart is compatible with MySQL versions 4.1 and later. The database must support InnoDB
    You will need to have access to a MySQL database, so make sure you have the following information:
     -- your MySQL server name
     -- your database name
     -- your database username and password
  • SSL certificate
    Some modules of Summer Cart require SSL certificate to be installed on your domain(Facebook shop module, PayPal Express and etc.)